chapter two

In the first chapter(initial state) we try to ‘USE’ the machine. When we know the initial state, from where we take initiation we can start the machine, we use the machine. now if we want to know the answer of how one uses anything we can use same method as used in chapter one but from different point of view, and see that how one uses a particular machine? one uses a particular machine on the basis of its knowledge about that machine. but what, when we don’t know, than how we will use that another machine. usually in that case we will leave it there. but then in a situation where we can use that particular machine according to our basic information, or observations which were observed when we were finding its initial state. you can somewhere relate those observations with your ‘needs’. for example if you have a shape that has tip like the tip of a screw-driver, u will use that shape in absence of screw-driver. U took that invention and made it’s another use. it’s also an invention but with common machine. This also means that one particular machine can be used for many purposes, the purpose will have connections with ‘needs’ of you. We left with the question of finding your initial state, make some observations when you were trying to find your initial state.Put yourself in place of machine and assume that you are also a ‘MACHINE’. Now you are a machine and you are using it,You know since when. you don’t know your initial state but still you are using it. and the ‘BIG’ question here is are you using the machine according to your needs? you know the answer. so basically everyone is using machine according to needs. Everyone around you is doing same thing. Someone’s needs are inventions. if we are also machine than someone created us or, because Homo sapiens are called best inventions than someone had invented us. But what is our use, ask yourself why you were invented?  If there is a machine that you invented but it is not working according to your needs than machine is not useful for you and  Are u?


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