Patterns and life

U can find Patterns everywhere.Life and death is pattern that is followed by everyone. Life cycle of every human being is following the pattern.Childhood,teenage,youth than we get old.As river originates in mountains than it is in its childhood when it come to plain geographical area it get slow means not as excited or energetic as in childhood(getting older), and at the end when merged in ocean,it get old.

Eyes,face,hands,breathing process everything follows a pattern. Pattern means that there is a unit which is repeated. Unit could be anything, in maths units are ten symbols from zero to nine.In any language there are also symbols which we repeat and make language. Repetition of unit symbols make languages.These symbols have the infinite combination. In Indian classical music there are seven notes and those notes combined in any order make music or somewhere in music or in other field there are patterns.We eat ,sleep,than get up than again eat than sleep,isn’t its a pattern.Our tendancy is that when we follows the same pattern than somewhere we get comfortable in that pattern.Why we are lazy?same reason of getting comfortable.We are comfortable when we find the pattern.Patterns make everything easy.We all know that we are following the pattern and what is that pattern? but it is hard to get out of that pattern.

When we start to learn anything,we learn those patterns to learn that particular thing.That means,basic of everything follows a pattern. If we want to learn anything than our mind connects those patterns to the patterns which mind know already.It means that we just need to know that what our mind know about that pattern already,than we can evolve it to learn it or even to master it.Our mind connects those dots.When we know those patterns than we make some unit change to try new things.We try all possibilities which we could think of.

So why don’t we do these changes in our life,why don’t we keep trying and testing all possible cases.every motivational speaker says same things like “be determined,be positive,don’t waste time..” and many. why all says the same thing?how do they know that we all are not doing those things.because most of us are following the same pattern which even that speaker was following.He only made slight changes and break the pattern.What does this mean that successful people dont do anything different they only do things differently.It means that everyone is doing same thing,eveyone is following same pattern but the one who break that pattern is successful.Is it like this only?



chapter two

In the first chapter(initial state) we try to ‘USE’ the machine. When we know the initial state, from where we take initiation we can start the machine, we use the machine. now if we want to know the answer of how one uses anything we can use same method as used in chapter one but from different point of view, and see that how one uses a particular machine? one uses a particular machine on the basis of its knowledge about that machine. but what, when we don’t know, than how we will use that another machine. usually in that case we will leave it there. but then in a situation where we can use that particular machine according to our basic information, or observations which were observed when we were finding its initial state. you can somewhere relate those observations with your ‘needs’. for example if you have a shape that has tip like the tip of a screw-driver, u will use that shape in absence of screw-driver. U took that invention and made it’s another use. it’s also an invention but with common machine. This also means that one particular machine can be used for many purposes, the purpose will have connections with ‘needs’ of you. We left with the question of finding your initial state, make some observations when you were trying to find your initial state.Put yourself in place of machine and assume that you are also a ‘MACHINE’. Now you are a machine and you are using it,You know since when. you don’t know your initial state but still you are using it. and the ‘BIG’ question here is are you using the machine according to your needs? you know the answer. so basically everyone is using machine according to needs. Everyone around you is doing same thing. Someone’s needs are inventions. if we are also machine than someone created us or, because Homo sapiens are called best inventions than someone had invented us. But what is our use, ask yourself why you were invented?  If there is a machine that you invented but it is not working according to your needs than machine is not useful for you and  Are u?


chapter one

Initial state is one of the main or important state for anything. Initial state is that state from where everything will start that’s why it’s named initial state. But the question is from where does it came to that state, from the point of view of automata(computation theory) , “u have to know the initial state because u can’t do anything with machine untill u don’t know how to start it” ,u can’t USE IT. If u don’t know how to start it it’s not USEFUL. when we don’t know why that machine is built for, it means we don’t know why it was invented.Now, why anyone had invented anything, most of the time the answer is Need. AND need for everyone is different. now a days it’s also called startup. And once again we are at the word ‘START’. so once again the question is when does one do startup, there can be many reasons, and the answer could be, again ‘Need’. Need its meaning for everyone is different, for some it means convenience, for someone it’s for knowledge. Gravity was invented because Newton was curious about why the apple fall, curiosity means to know the answer of why. Another Apple, it was invented for user to use it. Now we came to point that if one is behind the answer of why it will gain knowledge about it and if we want to get the knowledge than we have to go deep, meaning we have to know the answer of how. and for answer how we have to know that which cause initiated it. Again we are at point of initiation. If we know the initial point or initial state, we have the knowledge of that particular thing. On the other hand if we take one of the apple user, why user use it, for making call, for listening music, for surfing internet ,taking selfie and for many other kind of these purposes. Apple is making it convenient to do ones work, whose work , user’s work, who is user ,we ‘People’ are user. We know how we are using them, now why we are using them? For our needs, and again needs are different. Now ,let’s take need . Why needs for everyone is different , get to the initial point and u can get to the answer. We are at initial point, now, why one has needs, why needs are important for everyone, we will get there later. Everything we talked about ,there was nothing constant like, needs, it’s type are variable, and these types has more types and those types somewhere did and yet are doing variable things, but all those variable are surrounded by one constant and that constant is user, user means ‘People’. Needs are for and fulfilled by ‘People’. So why don’t we talk about people, yes we do, but not other, talk about U. Now, let’s talk about u. Get knowledge about u. So as we did previously we have to know initial state. What was your initial state? And why u are at that state? these two questions have many answers but from the point of view of computer or another machine it could be simple.HOW? and why?                                                                               ……to be continued